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The World’s First Two-piece Connecting Rod

Unleash the full power of your engine with Transcend Energy’s performance-enhancing Thunder Rod.

The Edge You’ve Been Looking For

Upgrade your engine’s performance with the patented, battle-tested Thunder Rod. With the addition of a secondary joint to the rod, pistons will drop faster and farther at a 90 degree crank angle, boosting dynamic compression by 25–30%. Take on the competition with greater leverage to the crankshaft, increased torque, and piston rock elimination.

Give Your Customers Better Performance with One Simple Upgrade

Eliminates Piston Rock

Increases Dynamic Compression

Increase Torque

car racer looking in rear view window

The Competition Looks Pretty Good…Especially in the Rear View

For decades, the internal combustion engine has stagnated—a lack of major improvements have left companies and teams starving for a competitive advantage. That changes today. With Transcend Energy’s all new two-piece connecting rod, we’ve transformed the future of traditional engines and expanded the possibilities of racing teams and general manufacturers alike. And the best part is, this isn’t some costly and complicated engine upgrade—it all comes down to the simple piston rod.

Working on Engines isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Founder and Chief Engineer Jon Woodward has been working on cars his entire life. Inspired by the designs of his father, National Car Builders Hall of Famer Jerry Woodward, Jon created the Thunder Rod as a tribute to and continuation of his family’s legacy.


Racing & Performance

Winning drivers don’t settle for a good engine—they need the perfect engine. Only by squeezing out every ounce of performance possible can they dream of making it to the podium.

Our brand new Thunder Rod is much more than the incremental improvements you’re normally used to. We have the power to turn professional racing on its head, and turn photo finishes into blow out victories, all without the need to overhaul your entire car or drain your development budget.


Transcend is actively searching for forward-thinking partners who are interested in steering the future of transportation with us. We’re open and ready for partnerships that can help us attain our goal of putting as many two-piece connecting rods on the road as possible. This includes both licensing our patented technology and/or making strategic partnerships with manufacturers who can usher in the next phase of the Thunder Rod.

Join the Wait list

As this revolutionary technology gets closer to manufacturing and distribution, the anticipation is growing and a line is piling up at our door. Join our waitlist today to stay in the loop with updates on major project milestones, and when we’re ready, you could be one of the first to get your hands on the patented Thunder Rod for yourself! While we are currently in the research and development stage, we hope to be preparing for manufacturing soon and in distribution by end of year 2023.